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Ras Vaidyashala is mainly an ayurvedic brand, promising to deliver authentic Ayurvedic treatments and services across the country. Ras Vaidyashala believes in holistic concept of Ayurveda among the health-conscious society with international standards. We are committed to maintain the sanctity, integrity and efficacy of the products used. All products that we manufacture has been researched, tested and developed. Ras Vaidyashala has various business propositions and is known for extending support and joining hands with dynamic strategic-foresighted entrepreneurs across the globe.

Established in November 2020

Why only Ras – Vaidyashala

Why only Ras – Vaidyashala

“Ras – Vaidyashala” is established in November 2020 , aiming to offer cruelty-free, earth-friendly, natural products. Our products are free from harmful chemicals, artificial preservatives and are 100% natural. They have launched a variety of products and some of them are, Naturima, Urogardia, Fleece Natural hair oil, Vanslochan, Isabgol, Olive oil  and Fleece Natural soap based on the deep research from the prestigious and well-established organization named, CSIR-IHBT, Palampur. These products can drastically benefits your health in numerous ways and offer you a healthy lifestyle. If you are also tired of products made from toxic chemicals and want to get rid of them, then must add these products in your daily regime that connects you with nature and gives you significant results.

The technology is provided by CSIR – Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (IHBT), Palampur. 

Major reasons to choose Ras - Vaidyashala's products

Major reasons to choose Ras - Vaidyashala's products

• We use natural preservatives instead of artificial preservatives, that won’t harm your body.
• Ras – Vaidyashala’s products scented with natural essential oils can even offer aromatherapy.
• Our products are paraben free, as many companies use paraben to extend the shelf life of their products , which is extremely noxious.
• Ingredients for our products are farmed and manufactured organically.
• Our product are environment – friendly, packed with nutrients and better & gentle on body.

Ras-Vaidyashala Our Mission Our Vision

Our Mission

Our holistic approach that, focuses on the healing & nourishment of entire body, made from Himalayan herbs, scientifically tested and formulated by trustworthy lives.

Our Vision

Our sole aim is to fetch Wellness and ecstasy in everyone’s life via Ayurveda based on science.

Board of Directors

Dr. Deepak  Bandari<br />
Sr.Ayurved Physician

Dr. Deepak Bandari
Sr.Ayurved Physician


Director (R&D) is behind the thought to found the firm and has excellent track record of practicing Ayurveda as treatment therapy at large scale throughout the country.

Mr. Subhash Chandra Naga<br />
Mr. Subhash Chandra Naga

(B.Sc, D. Pharma)

Managing Director is an architect for the idea before foundation of this firm and has vast experience in pharmacy.

Mr. Hemant KumawatAyurved  Medicine
Mr. Hemant KumawatAyurved Medicine

(M.A Geography)

Director (Marketing) is a true tactical man for managing the supply chain of medical products.