Urogardia Syrup

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Urogardia is a medicine , prepared from only natural herbs such as sunthi and Gokhsuru using conventional methods. The main function of Urogardia is to remove and eliminate stones from the kidneys, gallbladder and from other parts of the body. It can eliminate stones of size up to 7mm very easily. It may seems impossible to remove stones from kidneys and gallbladder with an Ayurvedic medicine without any operation,  but its happening with the help of Urogardia. It also treats the other problems like Urinary tract infections and many other fungal infections.

The ingredients used and their health benefits –

  • Varuna Tavaka (Crataeva nurvala) Pacifies KAPHA and VATA, promotes PITTA, useful in abdominal tumours,  relieves constipation and bloating, eliminates kidney stones, promotes digestion strength, useful in urinary disorders and diabetes, used in the treatment of liver, spleen diseases and bladder stones.
  • Pasanabheda (Bergenia ligulata) Used in the treatment of ulcers, urinary tract disorders, abdominal tumours, useful in liver and spleen related disorders, helps in cleaning urinary bladder, helps in the elimination of stones due to its diuretic activity and also promotes urine production.
  • Sunthi (Zingiber officinale) It stimulates appetite, reduces the pain during menstruation, relieves constipation, cures influenza and whooping cough, makes gut healthy, stimulates blood circulation and helps in detoxification, treats nausea, vomiting and also motion sickness.
  • Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris) It promotes digestion and also prevent gas formation, improves heart health, increases urine secretion, useful in anti – obesity treatment, used in the treatment of poly cystic ovarian disease, helps in treatment of kidney stones and alleviate pain.

This medicine is 100% natural. It is very beneficial and many people have got rid of their kidney and gallbladder stones by consuming it.

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